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NEODBUG Quarterly meeting registration form

NEODBUG Quarterly meeting
THURSDAY, March 21, 2019 8:30am - 5:00pm
Progressive's Discovery Center
Studio 96
  6671 Beta Drive,
Mayfield, OH 44143
(800) 776 - 4737

March is NEODBUG's annual guest lecturer education meeting.
Special educational pricing applies to this meeting.

Progressive Insurance Employees need to register for
this education event via their IT university system
(course name "NEODBUG DB2 Training Event").

NOTE: Education meeting corporate registration and coupon  rules:
1. Corporate meeting coupons are worth $25 towards the cost of the meeting.
2. Every 5th paid person attending from the same company will receive a $30 discount towards the meeting.
Cost: If your company is a member of NEODBUG:
$225 pre-registration or $250 at the door
If your company is not a member of NEODBUG:
$250 pre-registration or $275 at the door

I will be attending the meeting. If I am not paying using a credit card or PayPal account, a check for all of the registrations on this form will be sent to NEODBUG at:

PO Box 221331
Beachwood, Ohio 44122-0997

  Payment must be received by Friday of the week preceeding the meeting for these registrations to be accepted. Paypal/Credit Card invoices should be emailed to you withing two working days of submitting this form.

You must press the "Submit" button at the end of this form to send it to NEODBUG.

Company name:

Company address:

The attendees from my company, including myself (first listed) are:
Bringing a Laptop
Email Address

Number of registrations:

Payment method   or invoice amount: $

If your PayPal/Credit Card invoice should be sent to a different email address;
enter it here:

If the invoice address field above is blank, Paypal/Credit Card invoices will be sent to the first registrant on this form. NEODBUG will adjust the invoice amount if you miscalculated it. If email to the above address is rejected, the invoice will be sent to the first registrant on this form.

Additional information about this registration:

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